The Girls Go Digital program teaches four main skills.


What is HACKING?

To to explore the problem-solving possibilities of a project to in order to create a modified object that is better or different.

The skill of the hack is important because it shows the ability to innovate and think about the materials in your surroundings and how to improve them.

What is CODING?

To write using the language (or code) which communicates with and directs technology. Coders do more than a use technology, they create and innovate new possibilities.

The skill of coding is important because without innovative people to communicate with the technology in our lives, you might just be carrying a fancy brick in your pocket instead of the connected to the world.


To design is to consider a problem and create a solution. Design is a part of every aspect of our lives.

Designers are inventors. The skill of design has to power to help people understand the world around them by making products and processes better.

What is MAKING?

To make is the most important part, you have designed, hacked, prototyped and communicated, now it’s time to make something happen.

The skill of making is important because an idea is just that, an idea until you actually make it happen.

Hi, I’m Leah.

I’m a hacker. I love the color blue. My favorite tool besides my really sharp front teeth is a ruler.

I learned to hack while building my lodge. I find materials from my surroundings to make my home stronger and more comfortable.

My friends and I think about ways to change things making them better. When you learn hacking skills, you can improve the world around you.

I enjoy putting unusual things I’ve found together to make something new. I love math. I always measure twice and cut once.

Hi, I’m Ada.

I’m a robot. My favorite color is red and I talk in code. I’m named after Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer.

Code may seem hard to understand, but it’s just like learning to read. First, you learn the letters of the alphabet. Then, you put the letters together to create words. Finally, you add the words in the right order to make sentences. If you can learn to read, you can learn to code. When you learn code, you can talk to me and my friends.

I love being organized and eat electricity for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The neater my code is, the better it works and the more I can do.

Hi, I’m Ella.

I’m a designer. My favorite color is pink. I love staying up late and talking to the moon.

I like to plan. Planning is part of being a designer. When I am designing, I am thinking about a problem and the solution. I think about how I could make something work better and what that might look like. I decide how things should be made and used.

Design is a part of everything from your favorite game to the house where you live.

I am creative and my two favorite subjects are science and art. I don’t say a lot but that’s just because I’m busy thinking about my next design.

Hi, I’m Kari.

I’m a maker. I love rainbows. My favorite flower is a daisy and sometimes I like to dance a jig.

I live in a hive and work together with my community to make useful things. You can make anything imaginable when you work with other people.

Imagining something is the first step. Then you make it, encouraging people to use what you’ve made. When I make things I sometimes follow a plan, but other times I just “wing it”. My friends and I turn ideas into real things.

When there is something to be made, I don’t mess around. I get things done! I love making ideas real. I don’t mind making mistakes since I can learn from my mistakes.