Computer Science and Technology Camp for Girls, ages 8-18.

Learn how to HACK, DESIGN, CODE & MAKE using technology and computer science. Any level of interest and experience is welcome. If you attended this camp last summer, no problem—we’ve added new classes and activities. From computer programming, micro controllers, pixel art, digital photography, e-textiles, to web design and more, we've got something for every girl! Girls are grouped in classes by age. Camp includes a free t-shirt and several take home projects.

Camp Locations and Dates

Registration Opens Spring 2018

Provo, Utah
St George, Utah
May 29 - June 1st, 2018
July 16th - 19th, 2018
Salt Lake City, Utah
July 9th-12th 2018
Cedar City, Utah
June 18 - 21st
Ephraim, Utah
June 4th-7th 2018
Ogden, Utah
July 30 - August 1

What We Do!

Tech Will Save Us Kits

Girls in our youngest group for 8-10 year olds programmed the Mover Kit, they built their own games and light shows. While girls ages 12 and up designed and programmed Draw Bots using the BBC Micro:bit and Micro:bot kits. They also soldered and wrote code to program the Gamer Kit making their personally designed games a reality.

Girls Go Digital Classes

Girls Go Digital has a team of woman that develop classes and activities for camp. The Girls learn to use creative and technical thinking to create and build websites, robots, and e-textiles. The classes integrate design, mathematics, programming, and imagination seamlessly. Girls are empowered while being challenged to think of new ideas!

We Got Skills!



Girls Go Digital works all year round to teach computer science and technology. Our team has gone to Rhode Island, Vermont, Costa Rica, and Arizona to teach classes to boys and girls. Girls Go Digital is located in Southern Utah and works closely with local schools to provide new opportunities and expose all students to technology! 

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